What Are The Benefits Of Fiberglass Doors

If you're looking for an entirely new front door, we can provide a range of styles and door materials. One option that is popular with most homeowners would be our fiberglass doors, which can offer a variety of positives when utilized as the principal entryway into your home. Here are some reasons that many homeowners choose again Gate Installation for fiberglass.

Very Low Maintenance

If you're using traditional wooden doors that is a bit old-fashioned, they will absorb moisture as time passes and may begin bubbling, peeling or even warping, and could eventually require repair or replacement. Fiberglass however it is impervious to the effects of moisture and doesn't require the same care.

Efficiency In Energy Efficiency

The front door is the primary entrance to your house, so you must choose a door that is able to block the elements of the outside when closed. Fiberglass doors are stuffed with insulation foam which acts as a shield that keeps the heat from your house during summer and keeps the cold air out in the winter. This can save you money on cooling and heating expenses all through the year.If you have an electric automated gate system that is not working correctly or if you just want to have the gate services before something breaks, So, you must contact Automatic Gate Repair in Los Angeles. Automated gates are essential in providing security to any home or business. Electric gates can give you the peace of mind that you have full control of who comes in and out of your home or business. There is a wide variety of styles for electric gates such as swinging, sliding, cantilever, and even overhead electric gates. They service, repair and upgrade all gate types and electric gate operator manufacturers.


We are sure that you and your family depend on the front doors of your home to provide security. If you opt for fiberglass and you're able to rest in the knowledge that you have a durable and durable door that can keep out elements from nature (like rain, wind snow, and more) and stop invaders. Additionally, fiberglass is resistant to corrosion, rust, dents and scratches, which makes it an excellent option.


Fiberglass doors are available in a vast array of finishes and colors (including one that appears exactly like real wood) If you're looking for a particular design for your front entranceway A fiberglass door could most likely provide it.

Four Reasons Homeowners Choose Fiberglass Doors

A front door's primary function is to provide security and protect against weather elements, a good entrance is one that balances functionality and form. An impressive entrance creates a strong impression, and more often the statement is constructed in fiberglass. It has always been a popular choice due to its durability and strength, however, now fashion is taking the lead. The door-shopping homeowner today has a wide range of choices in design, due largely to JELD WEN, a leading manufacturer of doors and windows with the broadest variety and choice of fiberglass doors available on the market.
"Fiberglass has distinct characteristics that make it an ideal door material," says Dan Jacobs Director of JELD-WEN's Product Line Management for Exterior Doors. The top selling point? durability, energy efficiency and sheer force. "It's an option for doors that can be used in all weather and has designs that are suitable for any style, from classic to contemporary. We've developed, over the years, an impressive range of fiberglass doors and expect to keep adding designs and options in the coming years." 
Today's technology for manufacturing combines aesthetics and security and gives you the look you desire and the security you require. Whatever your budget, chances are that you'll be able to find a JELD WEN fiberglass door that is up to your expectations.

  • Robust Durability

After spending time and money to select an appropriate entry door homeowners do not want to deal the deterioration of their door due to rust, decay or warping a few years later. It's good to know that fiberglass doors are able to stand up to the elements, such as frigid temperatures and the harsh rays of the sun, and the force of rain without bowing or cracking. They're not susceptible to insects and corrosion also.
To ensure that their fiberglass doors are durable and long-lasting, JELD-WEN employs a Poly Micro foam core, which is a method that permanently bonds both the framework and surface of the door in order to create a sealable unit. This greatly improves the structural strength of the door and helps prevent the destruction that could result from moisture leaking through a door's skin. 
A further benefit to fiberglass doors is their weight. It isn't as heavy as solid wood or steel its light weight decreases the tensile stress placed on hinges and makes it more likely it will move and shut without squeezing or binding. While solid wood and steel are both excellent options for entrance doors, fiberglass's combination of performance and durability with its light weight makes it a fantastic choice.

  • Energy Efficiency

The drafty, inefficiently insulated doors are the most significant source of energy loss within the home. They result in higher energy bills as well as lower levels of comfort indoors. However, with high-efficiency fiberglass doors, you'll be able to stop this unnecessary loss of heat. Doors made by JELD-WEN even have been awarded their U.S. government's ENERGY STAR(r) rating. The doors are solidly insulated and insulated frames that limit the transfer of heat between the outside and inside. Entry doors that are pre-hung can be purchased as a complete unit (already installed within the frames) and come with top-quality weather stripping, a leak-proof sweep that runs along the lower part of the door and a threshold sill that can be adjusted to stop moisture and drafts from getting into your home. When you replace a drafty entrance with one that is an ENERGY STAR(r)-rated door you can make use of less energy to maintain the temperature of your house at a pleasant temperature.
To increase the effectiveness in energy consumption, homeowners may opt for triple-pane or low-E (low-emissivity) glass. It ensures maximum visibility and reduces unnecessary heat transfer. Low-E glass can also block away harmful ultraviolet (UV) Rays to safeguard the draperies, rugs and upholstery fabric inside the home, which could fade in sunlight.

  • Awesome Security

High-quality door hardware is a crucial component of an aesthetically secure door, however, the design of the door is equally and if not more, crucial. To begin, the solid structure of a fiberglass door will go a long way to making it safer than a wooden door. The JELD-WEN design makes improvements to the existing strength of the material by placing a reinforced steel plate in the frame of the door on that side which latches. The plate drastically decreases the risk of forced entry into an unlocked and locked door however, since the plate is concealed inside the door frame, it does not interfere with the attractiveness and beauty of the door. 
Another vital safety feature inside JELD-WEN doors is a 12-inch solid lock block of wood that comes with a double-bored hole for the installation of the handle and deadbolt. Together the steel plate, as well as the lock block, offer the best kick-in protection. Prefer an extra deadbolt? You got it. For certain door designs from Jeld-Wen, the possibility of lower and upper deadbolt latches as well as a central deadbolt will take security to the next level.

  • A Style Bonanza

The entryway to your home can say your personality and your taste. Jell Wen is aware of this and offers the widest range of fiberglass door styles that allow you to create your own personal style. Select a wood grain-like appearance or a multi-coat factory-prefinished option that will last the longest. Or alternatively, if you'd like to paint or stain your own door! To let in more light and create a more airy feel, add windows within the door or as transoms and sidelights, with glass options that range from plain to elaborate. You can then add the perfect final piece: a wrought-iron grille or knocker, or perhaps an impromptu grille that is a small bar-covered opening that is to the eye, which in the past you could have said, "Joe sent me.
The homeowners can pick from JELD-WEN's excellent, superior or the top line of entry doors made from fiberglass. be assured that, regardless of the price they choose, they'll receive a top-quality door at a reasonable price. A variety of designs and security options are accessible at any price and the most expensive line is Aurora Collection, Aurora Collection, offers exclusive options.
Find out details about three different fiberglass collections as well as their numerous choices.

  • If you're looking for style and affordability It's hard to beat the JELD-WEN Statement(TM) Collection which includes their prefinished collection that includes Smooth-Pro(TM) external fiberglass doors that come in 11 designs as well as a wide range in multi-coat finishing. Smooth-Pro(TM) doors measure six feet eight inches" up to 8' tall and are available as standard widths of 32" 34" and 36" sizes and are available as pre-hung door systems or slab doors (without frames attached). Customers can pick from contemporary traditional, classic or rustic colors like Denim, Stone, Saffron, Black Cherry, and Juniper. Similar to other doors in the Smooth-Pro(TM) collection, the JELD-WEN Design-Pro(TM) collection of fiberglass doors are pre-finished doors and standard sizes. However, instead of displaying vibrant colors and bold colors, the Design-Pro(TM) line is designed to mimic the appearance of real wood and is available in Mahogany, Oak, or Fir. If you'd like an alternative stain or color the doors could be purchased and installed at the site of work.
  • The premium JELD-WEN Architectural(TM) Collection provides more options, including the option of choosing the kind of wood grain texture, and a selection of stain finish. The appearance of a door for entry in the Architectural(TM) Collection is akin to the look of a solid wood door Architectural(TM) Collection brings you the exact look of real wood grain as you can without the need to install an actual wooden door. Wood grain choices comprise Cherry, Rustic Cherry, Oak, Maple, Mahogany Fir as well as Knotty Alder. Select from a wide range of designs for panels and kinds of glass. Finally, add the addition of sidelights. With standard widths of doors and door heights that go up to 8 inches The Architectural(TM) collection of doors offers homeowners the opportunity to design an eye-catching entrance.
  • Even the knots on the surfaces of the fiberglass doors of the Aurora(r) Collection feel authentic! The top-of-the-line of JELD WEN's fiberglass doors is a complete delight. It has the feel and looks of wood in real life, exquisite finishes, and an array selection of options for glass which, when combined, are an absolute work of art. The Aurora line comes with custom and standard door sizes, and also includes double doors with arch-tops and arch-tops. In fact, JELD WEN is the only company that has a 10-foot high entry door. This line of premium doors is packed with customization options such as custom carvings, decorative moldings that are raised and custom door glass sidelights and transoms and grilles as well as accessories that go beyond the ones included in JELD-WEN's Architectural